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2016 Range Rover Evoque Review

2016 Range Rover Evoque Review

by September 11, 2015 Mobil, Review

For 2016, the Range Rover Evoque has been revised. He gets a new body and two new diesel engines. Since the first generation in 2011 is nothing like it was in the SUV landscape. A distinctive design and modern technology made the Terrain Cruiser bestseller. Land Rover has sold at least four years from the Evoque 450,000, no other Rover went at such a time so often over the counter. Every third car of the brand has become an Evoque.


At the front there is a new grill and three evil-looking headlights. More Overview promises the valve and center console in the interior. The new infotainment is supported by an eight-inch touch screen. The seats have been redesigned with pronounced cheeks more lateral support.


The Evoque also got two new diesel engines that provide 150 and 180 hp two-liter displacement and four cylinders. 18 percent more economical to be the cleanest diesels currently reportedly the world. This is also the new exhaust system might be responsible. It has a water cooling system and directs the exhaust gases back into the combustion process. So to particulate matter and nitrogen oxides Hazardous be avoided. ZF missed the new Evoque a nine-speed automatic transmission, which ensures low speeds and lower consumption. The power is transferred to all four wheels, although one of the clientele mostly ignored version is available with front-wheel drive available. The standard consumption is at 180-hp he lie with automatic 5.1 liters.




The load capacity is a maximum of 1445 liters and the rear seats can be folded down. The starting price for the Evoque Pure with 180 hp is 34,500 euros. The top model with 240-horsepower gasoline engine will cost 56,400 euros. Furthermore, there will be a wide range of additional options that can be properly grow the price again.