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New Opel Astra K 14 Liter Turbo Petrol Engine

New Opel Astra K 14 Liter Turbo Petrol Engine

by June 23, 2015 Modifikasi

Rebuilding the engine range for the Hesse continues vigorously, and so a new 1.4 liter turbo diesel for the Opel Astra is presented on the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt, which is to replace the old, equally-sized steel block-Otto without direct injection in the future. The 1.4 ECOTEC direct injection Turbo is manufactured in the Opel engine plant in the Hungarian and should be available to start in the autumn 2015 first in two stages: 125 to 150 hp.



After you did a few days ago with the 1.0-liter three-cylinder 105 HP the most fuel-efficient gasoline of compact (In the NEDC cycle only 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers) has presented, was now presented the new 1.4 liter turbo gasoline engine for the Opel Astra. Thus, the old steel block engine without direct injection should be sent finally on the turbos. In two versions with 125 and available engine of 150 HP, he should release maximum 245 nm and authorize in the most economical variant just 4.9 liters fuel per 100 km.





The new engine is likely to be a direct attack on the main competitors in the compact class, the VW Golf, because with the new engine is the same technique as with the also equally strong direct injection 1.4-liter turbo of Wolfsburg. And also in terms of consumption, one moves now roughly in the same League. Since the air for the compact King is probably getting a little thin. The price for the basic ASTRA launches 17.260 euros. For the 125 HP strong 1.4 turbo gasoline at least 21.111 euros, for the 150 PS version you must shell out at least 22.560 euros.